Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’sMeetings Minutes

Minutes of BPCOA Director's Meeting

Date: November 20, 2010

Place: Lee Delorme's Residence

Lee Delorme
Gloria Jackson
Ed Rampl
Jim Strandie
Veronica Johnson

Update on 2011 Annual Assessment

Lee gave an update on the Community Committee meetings regarding the 2011 annual assessment. Three separate working meetings were held regarding negotiations on the annual assessment. i.e. November 4th, 11th and 15th.

The November 4th meeting was dedicated to a three hour discussion on past experiences with the annual budgeting processes, some history of past experiences with the tripartite group as well as the pros and cons of an Aboriginal Property Tax regime. All stakeholders expressed their opinions and suggestions during this philosophical debate but no decisions were made.

In the November 11th meeting, which also ran for three hours, members went through a line by line budget discussion on each service delivery items as outlined on Schedule A, the annual operating budget estimates. As a result of these discussions it was apparent that the Schedule A costs estimates would total in the $600 to $700 range. It was proposed that the annual assessment be frozen at the current 2010 rates for the next two years. In effect, this proposal would result in an annual increase of 2.5% when taking into consideration the arbitrary 5% increases that were assessed during the last two years.

In the November 15th meeting, it was agreed that a two year assessment freeze would be applied to the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 fiscal years. It was further agreed that the Community Committee would continue to meet in the coming months to discuss possible amendments to Schedule A which could be discussed at next year's annual general meeting.

It was further agreed that Lee and John would send out a joint letter advising all cottage owners of these results. The finalized version of the 2011/2012 Schedule A would be posted on the BPCOA website in the near future.

MTS 911 Service Update

Ed Rampl gave the group an update on the MTS 911 service wherein he was successful in getting MTS to extend 911 Service to Buffalo Point. Ed has updated contact information for cottage owners pursuant to a MTS request. BPDC would be the BP contact point and contract signatory. Wyman Sangster would be the MTS contact/coordinator regarding logistics. Wyman and Ed will ensure that written notification to cottage owners is forthcoming.

Financial Report

Veronica gave an updated financial report. Discussions were held regarding the solicitation of the remaining cottage owners who are not members of the BPCOA (less than 5%) or members who have not paid their arbitration component of membership fees. Letters will be issued to this group of members. It was further recommended and agreed upon that the BPCOA should contribute to the Buffalo Point Volunteer Firefighters' charity raising project to raise funds for a defibrillator and the corresponding training for the volunteer fire fighters.

Review of 2011/2012 Action Plan

A progress review of the BPCOA 2011/2012 Action was conducted. Jim Strandie agreed to assist the BPDC in their lobbying initiative regarding funding for the museum. Jim will work with Wyman in this regard.

Ed Rampl agreed to champion BP initiatives regarding a second set of railway crossings at the BP entrance off of Highway #12. Ed will work with Wyman in this regard.

Linda Brown needs two additional coordinators to assist with the annual picnic because two of the current coordinators will not be available to attend next year's event due to other family commitments.

Darryl Dahl and Tim Thunder will be taking over responsibility for organizing the 2011 BPCOA Fish Derby in March.

Wyman Sangster is still looking for someone to take over coordination of the BPCOA Golf Tournament for August.


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