Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’sMeetings Minutes

Meeting was opened by Vice President Ed Rampl.

1. Opening remarks – Thank you to all who volunteered their time this past year.

2. Approval of agenda – motion to accept by Kay Blais, seconded by Claude Lemay.

3. Minutes of the May 23, 2010 annual meeting were read out by Carol Bewcyk – motion to accept made by Carol Bewcyk,
seconded by Gail Keast.

4. Financial report read out by Gloria Jackson – motion to accept made by Gloria Jackson, seconded by Doug Struthers.

5. Budget and Schedule A was explained by Ed Rampl.

6. Proposed Aboriginal Property Tax – informational meeting will be held June 10, 2011 at the conference centre.
BPCOA requires legal advice regarding this proposed change. Motion made by Don Plett, seconded by Karen Stang
to transfer $5,000.00 from general revenue to the arbitration fund to assist in legal expenses. Motion passed by floor.

7. BPCOA Events
Photo Contest – postponed until picnic.
Fishing Derby – George Bouchard reported there were 210 participants. Everyone had a great time, prizes for everyone
and $554.50 was donated to BPCOA.
Golf Tournament – Blaine Peterson reported a very successful tournament and $300.00 was donated to BPCOA.

8. Election of Board Members
East Shore – Veronica Johnson and Randy Lasuik were elected for a 2 year term.
South Shore – George Morley and Jim Strandlie were elected for a 2 year term.

9. A representative of the Sprague RCMP detachment gave a presentation on boating safety and the rules pertaining to the use
of golf carts and ATVs on the roads.

10. Buffalo Point Corporation – Wyman Sangster gave an overview of the corporations plans and budget.

11. Old Business
South Shore erosion – The corporation will be meet with the affected cottagers to determine what action will be taken.
An additional road access from Highway #12 is being worked on by the corporation.

12. New Business
Buffalo Point Corporation would like volunteers to help with the museum.

Meeting was adjourned by Ed Rampl and seconded by Jim Strandlie.

Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’s Association