Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’sMeetings Minutes

Buffalo Point Cottage Owners Association
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Middlebro Community Hall
May 18, 2014

1. Welcoming address by Lee Delorme, President, BPCOA
Lee gave thanks to the group of approximately 200 cottage owners for their support during the last year in light of the various litigation processes.

2. Long Service Award
Karen Stang, Former President, BPCOA, made an award presentation to long time BP cottage owner, Rachel Godin, in recognition for her community service. Rachel recently sold her cottage and will be relocating to Winnipeg.

3. Litigation Update
Legal counsel for the BPCOA, Paul Edwards, gave an update on our various court actions including the consequences of our recent favourable court decision regarding our legal rights using our 2008 Rules & by-laws. Mr. Edwards also gave the members an update regarding the two governing groups now vying for authority in Buffalo Point. It is now apparent that federal court actions will be forthcoming to determine who will be the eventual governing authority, i.e. Chief Andrea Camp and her councillors or Chief John Thunder and his councillors. Mr. Edwards also discussed Chief Thunder’s recent announcements regarding the potential splitting of the Buffalo Point Reserve. Mr. Edwards fielded numerous questions regarding our litigation actions as well as the possibility of paying our 2014 property taxes in trust or court versus paying them to the Buffalo Point First Nation.

As a result of these discussions, it was decided that cottage owners should pay their 2014 property taxes directly to the Buffalo Point First Nations and not risk being in default of the property tax laws and the sub leases. A vote amongst the cottage owners present at the meeting was not required in this regard.

4. Collection of litigation funds from members
Lee advised the group that monies are on hand to pay upcoming court hearings in the short term but not all association members have paid the full $800 that has previously been solicited on three separate occasions.

He proposed that a vote be taken wherein the association would mail a letter to all members who have not paid their full $800 and that they would be given 30 days to pay their deficiency. He further stipulated that after the 30 days collection period expired, all members who have paid their respective $800 would have access to the entire membership list of members who have paid a likewise amount. By default, any cottage owner whose name does not appear on the list is naturally deficient with respect to the litigation fund.

A vote was taken and a near unanimous vote was achieved in this regard.

It was agreed that we all stand to benefit from the litigation efforts and it follows that all members should pay their fair share.

5. Secretary’s Report
Gloria Jackson, Secretary, BPCOA, advised the group that all BPCOA AGM minutes are posted on the association website: buffalopoint.org

6. Treasurer’s Report
Gloria advised the group that our Treasurer, Veronica Johnson, was out of town this weekend and referred members present to the financial report attached to the agenda.

7. Memberships
Gloria reminded the members present to pay their annual membership fee of $15 at the front door tables and to give us any changes in address, telephone numbers or email addresses.

8. Election of officers
All directors agreed to stay on this year in view of the litigation cases and their commitment to our cause for the benefit of the community.

9. New business
a) A brief discussion was held regarding the cutting of foliage on our lots that may infringe upon hydro lines and may cause future hydro outages. Members were encouraged to cut down trees on their lots that are intertwined with hydro lines.
b) A brief discussion was held regarding the association’s definition of a member in good standing. Currently the definition of a member in good standing includes the payment of the annual membership fee which is $15 and the initial $50 contribution to the litigation fund. It was suggested that perhaps in the future the association should consider expanding the definition to include the all payments requested for all outstanding litigation fund charges.

10. Annual picnic
Gloria reminded the group of the annual picnic which is scheduled for June 28th between 11 AM and 3 PM. The barbeque is free to members. Costs to guests are $15 per family or $5 per person. Events include decorated bike/golf cart/quad contest, colouring contest, silent auction, race and games, horseshoe tournament, candy scramble, 50/50 draw. Volunteers and Silent Auction prizes are welcome.
Contact Lorrie Rand, Picnic Co-ordinator @ 204-437-2606 or Linda Brown, Silent Auction Co-ordinator @ 204-437-2418

Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’s Association