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On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’s Association (BPCOA), I would like to welcome you to our association website.

The directors and I will continue to advocate on behalf of cottage owners and the Buffalo Point Resort. Our mission is to continue to advance the rights and interests of cottage owners in a respectful and professional manner.

We look forward to serving our membership and welcome any comments you may have.

Leilani Kagan, President

Buffalo Point Cottage Owner’s Role

BPCOA is recognized as the legal representative of the cottage/home owners at Buffalo Point. The primary objective of BPCOA is to promote and protect the interests and rights of the member cottage/home owners at Buffalo Point. BPCOA has two important roles with respect to property taxes paid to Buffalo Point First Nation under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, a system of property taxation which was implemented in 2012 to replace the prior annual flat community maintenance fees:

The First Nation Tax Commission Standards for Annual Tax Rate Laws include a provision whereby an increase in tax rates can be justified by taxpayer support within the affected class in the event that the tax increase exceeds the national rate of inflation and it cannot be justified by written evidence of a significant increase to the cost of local services. First Nations citing taxpayer support must provide letters of support from individual taxpayers or their associations representing at least 50% of the taxpayers in the property class and holding at least 50% of the total assessed value in the class.
BPCOA also has a right to binding expedited mediation to resolve disputes over budget expenditures that BPCOA believes are clearly excessive or clearly unnecessary. This right arises from 2015 Minutes of Settlement and subsequent Supplementary Awards from the Arbitrator with respect to arbitration arising from the contents of the Buffalo Point Cottage Development Committee Bylaw and Rules (commonly referred to as the 2008 Agreement). The benefit of any funds collected in this manner flows to the BPCOA membership, i.e. it would not be a refund from the First Nation to all taxpayers.